Thursday, March 08, 2007

Chew - Review

Instead of eating at Burrito Gallery last night, we decided to try something new.....Chew (117 W Adams St.) (and we LOVED it!) Boasting "High-end Handcrafted Sandwiches" and other delectable foods, we cant wait to go back! Jon Insetta, old did a GREAT JOB!!!!

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Jeff said...

Loved the skirt steak the other night. That is defiantly a lunch menu you have posted prices seem to be $18 to $28 a plate. Very good I enjoyed it very much.

CWW said...

I wanted to like this place...I really did! But I just couldn't. The waitress was snotty, and the food is VERY expensive for what it is. For appetizers we had two bowls of lobster bisque, which should really be called "essence of lobster" bisque since there was no lobster in it at all. What it did have in it was chunks of mango and orange, though. How weird! And trust me, it tasted as funky as it sounds.

When it came to entrees, they weren't much better. My $25 roast chicken was overcooked and dry, and my partner's $28 tuna & noodle bowl was the same thing you'd get at any japanese restaurant for $10.

The only real bright spots were the wine, which was excellent albeit still overpriced, and the desserts. The pecan cake with pecan ice cream was obviously homemade and was great, and the jasmine cheesecake was tasty also. The restaurant itself is visually pleasing, but all in all, I don't think I'm going back to this place.

Anonymous said...


nuff' said

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