Thursday, February 07, 2008

Burrito Gallery - Review

This review may be a little different than most of the others we've done because we have been to Burrito Gallery (21 E Adams St.) many, many times. So, although it may not have a "fresh" perspective, the review will be based on a culmination of visits with the main focus on our meal last night. This is a good thing.

We showed up at Burrito around 5:30PM and it turned out to be perfect timing. There was a small line (that always moves quickly) and plenty of empty tables (but not for long). So we all ordered and the food was delivered super fast, as always.

Heres the breakdown....

Jason had the Yellow Curry Chicken Burrito and said, "It was pretty good; the yellow curry had a really good flavor, but honestly I usually get the Ginger Teriyaki Tofu Burrito and find it to be much tastier."

Robin had the Curry Walnut Chicken Salad Wrap and was a bit disappointed, claiming , "Too much lettuce and tomato, barely any chicken. The flavor was good, but the lettuce didn't seem to have been dried and it was wet inside. I was expecting more of a chicken salad not a salad with chicken on it. Also there were about 3 walnuts and no golden raisins."

Another Robyn had the Avocado-Tuna Salad and she said it was GREAT! and totally cleaned her plate.

Emily had one measly Steak Taco (and a TON of sour cream) that couldn't have possibly filled her up, but she did say it was delicious and she always gets the same thing, so we'll take her word for it. It did look good.

Mark had the Tuna Salad Wrap, his most favorite item on the menu. Always good and always sprout free!

Lastly, Joe(y) had the Chicken Tacos....."They were awesome, I usually get the chicken buritto, but these were much better."

As you can see from the menu posted above, the prices are incredibly reasonable. Burrito Gallery has a comfortable atmosphere and they change their art frequently. The place does get a bit loud, but we usually go during the ArtWalks so the place is, as you would expect, packed. They've also got a bar in the back and an outside "urban" patio past that.

So, finally, there's our quick review of Burrito Gallery. If you haven't been, you should really try it out...enjoy Downtown!


Jon said...

BEST steak & carnitas tacos in town, hands down! If you just order 3 carnitas (comes with southwest cole slow) and a drink, you are having a great day, haha... If you step in at night for a drink, and hang out in the patio out back, it's a pretty cool ambience. Almost feels like you're in a bigger city than jax. I highly recommend this place. Jon.

PCARTER! said...

This place rocks the house. Hands down, best place to eat DT, now that Johnny's is gone.

Anonymous said...

This place is great and is one of two reason I go downtown to eat. the other being Chew. BG is really good and a great place to grab a drink after work. Good people watching too if you catch it on the right night.

Anonymous said...

BG and the Zodiac Grill are my two favorite places to eat downtown. The steak and fish tacos are both really good.

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