Thursday, August 02, 2007

Casa Dora - The Review

We have to give props to our News Room Chief Mark; he really chose a wonderful little "hole in the wall" for last nights staff meeting. Admittedly, we were a little hesitant to enter Casa Dora (108 E. Forsyth St.) because of the dim lighting and the bar covered windows, but once inside we were greeted with great enthusiasm and wonderful hospitality.

We all started off with a beer, of course, Peroni to be exact (an Italian import). And then munched on some Calamari and Bruschetta. The Calamari was a bit flavorless and we actually had to salt it, the Bruschetta was quite good. Our salads came and they were good as well; the rest of the meals were fantastic. Here's what we all had:

Mark had the Chicken Saltimbocca and it was absolutely fantastic!

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Monica and Lourie shared the Tortellini Primavera - Lourie gave it a 5 out of 5 but Monica - who JUST got back from Florence mind you - said she has had better....the sauce was kind of runny.

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Jason (The Editor) and Rachelle both had a Pepperoni Calzone - They both agreed that the Calzone was really good but there was not a good enough pepperoni to cheese ratio.

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Joey had the Grouper Francisco and he said it was "Dern Good!" (he's a man of few words)

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Becky and Billy had the Chicken Parmesan and enjoyed every last bite of it.

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Finally, Emily had a slice of pizza. It was good, but she's had better.

Overall we would say it was a pretty darn good meal and the prices weren't too shabby either. We can see us going back!

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Rachelle said...

Lourie and Monica mentioned your blog last night, so I thought I'd drop by. Thanks for remembering my name. I am glad I came out of my hole yesterday to hang and meet new people. Good times. I'll be sure to order extra pepperoni next time :)

thelakelander said...

While touring the old Haydon Burns Library, I was told that Casa Dora has plans to relocate to the SE corner of the building. This relocation should be good for business because it will enhance their visibility on one of downtown's most traveled corners.

mark said...

great food!!! the older soft spoken man is so proud. we go there every time we go to the florida theatre. super!!!!

Sean said...

I looooooooooooove Casa Dora, It is my favorite restaurant. Sam (Chef) and Freddie (Main Waiter) are the greatest. I have never once been disappointed with their meals. The Chicken Francaise and the Veal Marsala are favorites of ours. We take EVERYONE there. They also have a delicious lasagna. Very friendly staff and no wait time!

Anonymous said...

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