Friday, March 07, 2008

Cafe 331 - Review

As you guys already know, we tried out Cafe 331 (331 W Forsyth St.) Wednesday night before the ArtWalk and we had a wonderful time. First of all, we must say that we were really mesmerized when we walked into the place. It was freaking HUGE!!!!

The weather was absolutely perfect, so we decided to sit outside and enjoy the two-for-one drafts while we waited for a few people to arrive. Once everyone was in place, we ordered some Calamari to start out with (yes, we love calamari).

The Calamari had marinara with it and the tubes were nice big pieces, the only complaint we had was that there were no tentacles. We love tentacles!

We chugged a few more beers and then decided to order some sandwiches, so we went inside and placed our orders (you can either order at the deli counter or with the bartender).

Jason and Emily both had the BLT.

The double decker BLT's were delicious, just enough bacon, a ton of mayo, shredded lettuce, and a perfectly thin-sliced tomato.

Robin had the Patty Melt.

He said it was awesome (and it looked it, cheese oozing out of the grilled bread....) and he finished every last crumb.

Mark had the Grilled Ham & Cheese

Though they delivered him a grilled cheese initially (mistakes happen, no big whoop) they quickly corrected his order. It was great, lots of cheese. Mark pretty much inhaled it.

Joe(y) had the Turkey Club.

As you guys know, Joe(y) is a man of few words and just said that it was "good". It was pretty much your basic club, so its pretty hard to really mess one up.

Patrick had the Fish & Chips.

and it must've been like the best thing he's ever eaten because the plate was cleaned by the time we sat down from taking the picture (above).

Last, but not least, Junior Staff Member PJ had some Onion Rings...

Unlike everything else, which was amazing, PJ said that the onion rings, "taste like sh*t!"...but he's a kid so who really cared what the eff he thought about them anyway. We all had a taste and thought they were just fine.

Owners Milton and Judith were very gracious hosts and took care of everything we needed. Milton also informed us that they are going to try out a Mediterranean night sometime in the future featuring Greek/Arabic foods and music. We will definitely check that out.

HOPA!!!! At the end of our meal Milton bought us all a round of Ouzo and we did a traditional Greek toast.

Be sure to check out Cafe 331 located in Downtown Jacksonville at 331 West Forsyth Street. They have a great menu and the prices are unbeatable. The place is huge and has some of our favorite local Artists' works displayed. We had a wonderful time. Thanks again Milton and Judith.


Brian Gray said...

WOW. That place seems really cool. Thanks for writting this review. Im so tired of eating at the same ol places. Im def gonna check them out this weekend with the wife.

in2it said...

whats a kid doing at a club????