Friday, December 28, 2007

New Restaurant

Hank has informed us of a new BBQ place on Main Street called Jerome Brown BBQ. We are still waiting on a review from him, if any of you have tried it....let us know!

Hank's e-mail:

"Hey, so I am at work and I just got a flyer placed on my desk for a new place to eat. It's real high tech mind you. Wish I could scan you the copy and leave it here for you. I am sure someone between the ages of 12 and 16 desgined it using microsoft Word. The best part is the stains on it. i swear one of these people picked it up while there yesterday on opening day. Anyhow, I wanted to let you know so that maybe you could send someone to check it out before the health department shuts it down. I am thinking you could get some great pictures. I have never been there but based on the flyer, location, and potential clientele, I think you could hit the jackpot here.

The place is called Jerome Brown BBQ (great Engrish). The NEW location is 1855 North Main Street.....

They have BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken, and BBQ beef advertised. I will give you the phone number in case you want to make reservations for that special table, but don't cheat and call your order in. You need to wait and enjoy the atmosphere, LOL 353-JBBQ (5227)

They opened yesterday and they open daily at 10:30am. Get your grub on! Maybe you should check on availability for a staff meeting.'


mikemac676 said...

OMG!! the Original is on Edgewood near Lem Turner. it's strictly drive thru. The BBQ Chic is DA Bomb! I used to go almost every Friday for lunch. Their BBQ sauce has a bit of a spicy kick to it. The curly fries were so-so: usually a bit undercooked.

Anonymous said...

I use to go to the one on Edgewood when I lived out there as a kid and loved the place. If you are familiar with Jenkins BBQ, its that type of place, but in my opinion a whole lot better. I've been to the Main Street location twice now and its still great.

Pros: The food is great and menu also includes the main southern soul food staples such as collard greens and cornbread. The chicken tenders are huge and 4 for me is filling and the fries are great dipped in their tangy, spicy, yet sweet and mild sauce.

So So: The decor is basic, but clean. The service is typical BBQ joint service, but depending on which cashier you get, you can get good info on the menu items.

Cons: I suggest calling ahead, because the food is usually cooked on order and the wait can be 15 to 20 minutes. Also the drive(which is the same from when Guthrie's was there) is really awkward and will require you to pull in and back out a couple of times to get to the window correctly. You can also go in and meet some of the most unique (yes homeless or crazy, but not dangerous) Springfield residents while you wait.

So in all, its a great addition to the block (Even tough it would be nice to have something other than another chicken joint on Main St.) and their still working on the kinks since it is a new location and their first one with seating, but give it a try and you might like it.

PS: I don't work for them or have and stock in the restaurant, but I like the place and I love the site and finally had something I could contribute.

mick12 said...

The bbq is great. They have a location on Egdewood as well. I first heard about Jerome Brown BBq on channel 4 news they were voted on of the best bbq places to eat in jacksonville. I recommend the ribs and if you go thier doing lunch try the okra and tomato, and thier collard greens. They also have great homemade peach cobbler and potato pie.