Monday, March 03, 2008


These old school videos from Bobby22565 on YouTube are effin AWESOME!!!! Do any of you guys remember the old Skate Arena on Beach Boulevard. We spent many a weekend at the venue rubberleggin', couples dancing, and being flagged down by the "referees" for going too fast and knocking peeps down.

The first video is from the Skate Arena, the second from a place in Orange Park, the final one stars Bobby22565 himself...sporting a fantastic mullet!


keneticjax said...

The old skate arena on Beach Blvd was called Skate N Place, I think. I used to love that place when I was in middle school. good times.

The Editor said...

Nope it was the SKATE ARENA on beach where the antique mall is now and the SKATE N PLACE was on Atlantic and is/was (at last review) Celebrations. I partied there too.

M2 said...

Yep, it was called the Skate Arena. Had some great times there as a 15-16 yr old back in the late 70s!