Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bogda - 5 Points TShirt Contest

The peeps over at Bogda are having a T-Shirt Design Contest. Here's the skinny...

Submit your shirt designs to make a difference in 5 Points. Winner will receive goodies from 5 Points merchants and a space in a Bogda Gallery Show.


-Nothing Offensive
-Front of shirt ONLY
-Maximum of three colors.
-Please Submit PDF or JPG files only.

The deadline for submission is October 1st, and you can email your submissions to 5PointsShirtContest@gmail.com.

The winning design will be used on shirts to represent 5 Points and the winning artist will be releasing the rights to the image for reproduction for this sole purpose. Shirt sales profit will go towards art and community related events for 5 Points.

We know quite a few artists and graphic designers who might want to get in on this.

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