Monday, August 25, 2008

Corrine Brown is a Dumb Ass

Did you guys hear about this absurdity? Congress Woman Corrine Brown USED the City of Jacksonville to come out and barricade her house from flood waters. City funds were used for this and her "neighbors" were left watching flood waters rise up to their doorsteps. This stupid ass BETTER pay the City back for this sh*t. This certainly isn't the first time she has misused her office and stolen from constituents.

Here's a news report from

"Iwa iwa iwant a bill and imma pay for it, periot. It juss like any otha roof cave in......the water have come in to my place....i wanted assistance with anybody i could get it.....periot.....its some fumes back there, uh, uh, some biological spill on my back......". WHAT?


Controversy During Tropical Storm Faye

On Friday, August 22nd 2008, during the height of Tropical Storm Faye, which was pounding the North Florida area with heavy rain and winds, Ms. Brown called up the City of Jacksonville to request pumps and sandbags be brought to her house along the Trout River because it was flooding. According to Brown, she made several phone calls to Jacksonville's Public Works Office for free sandbags, FEMA and the US Army Corps of Engineers, Home Depot to find sandbags, before she finally reached Adam Hollingsworth on Friday, chief of staff for Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton. Hollingsworth once worked for Ms. Brown before this job with the city, according to an article on the Florida Times-Union website.

City vehicles showed up, with a crew of inmates because the city uses low-risk inmates to do work, to sandbag the garage and front door after she was flooded with about a foot of water. Brown got angry with the reporter from Channel 4 doing the interview, demanding that the City of Jacksonville figure out how much it cost and she would "pay the bill" to silence any controversy. According to her neighbor, Joe Deloach, asked for the same help from the crew of inmates sandbagging Ms. Brown's property, but was denied and laughed at by the crew working on the project.

Okay, what a STUPID FUCKING WHORE!!! (No Censorship!)


Anonymous said...

We might as well forget it. She has shown that she will continue to be reelected no matter what she does to screw the tax payers.

If i asked if a white republican did this if the story would be different and if a huge uproar would result in them losing office, I would be branded a racist, so I won't.

Anonymous said...

That turd with dreads needed to be blown away with Faye. My roofded done caved in. Poor Jacksonville!

gojeffrey said...

Her constituents are just as stupid for continuing to re-elect her. This sorry excuse for a public servant is an embarrassment to Jacksonville and the state of Florida. She has been on my shit list for many years.