Monday, September 08, 2008


Notorious drug addict and ex-Culture Clubber Boy George has just released a new song/video "inspired by" Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama called "Yes, We Can".

According to Boy George:

"I was deeply moved and motivated by Obama's 'Yes We Can' speech and I used it as a metaphor for personal change because there have been huge changes in my own life this past year. 'Yes We Can' equates as 'Yes I Can' from my own personal perspective and like many people I am excited by the prospect of Obama being the first black man in the White House and the next President of America. Most politicians fail to live up to the huge expectations we have for them but Obama exudes a sense of calm and after the stutterings of George Bush I feel he is just what America needs. I'm not too concerned about alienating Republicans because I'm pretty sure my audience is mostly Democratic!"

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do you really want to hurt me?