Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ghostbusters on YouTube in HQ

All day the net and Twitter have been buzzing with a cryptic announcement from YouTube about a new video being debuted at 9PM tonight. Throughout the day they (YouTube) have been tweeting "hints" about the upcoming stream like "the traveler has come" and "are you the keymaster?" So news outlets have been guessing that the site was going to be dropping a trailer for the upcoming remake of the 80's gem Ghostbusters. Well, they were close, YouTube actually debuted the entire, original, Ghostbusters movie to be viewed for FREE by HQ even, a week ago and just now moved it up to the "featured" section. Now, when we say free, we mean totally commercial interrupted....A LOT!

No doubt this is still leading up to a huge announcement of some sort about a remake of the original classic, but this is a huge step for the original video site in its plight to compete with much more awesome newcomers like Hulu and constantly evolving Google Videos.

CLICK HERE to watch Ghostbusters in HQ on YouTube.

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