Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome to Florida

Check out this AWESOME news footage from a tad south of us in Cocoa, Florida. Apparently some 15 year old whore girl was caught stripping at a titty club earlier in the week and the news agencies were on the hunt for the prostitot.

When a news crew went to Rosemary Lumpkin's house, the mother who called police about her daughter working at a strip club, a woman who answered the door came after the cameraman with a garden hoe. She also added a few choice words. "I'm not Rosemary. Why y'all knocking on my door? Hey don't put that camera in my [expletive] face man. Get out my [expletive] porch right now." She hits the camera. Neighbors later identified her as the teenager's grandmother.

Cocoa police say Rosemary Lumpkin called them Friday night saying she found out her daughter was dancing at Playmates on Industry Road. Police found the 15 year old, and a 17 year old dressed in something like swimsuit attire. Police say the club owners could not produce any ID's on the teenagers who detectives say have been working at playmates for months. New management has been in place for about two weeks.

You must be 18 to dance in the club. Cocoa, Florida police also tell us the 15 year old has not been in school since the 7th grade. Truancy is a concern. Investigators are working with code enforcement officers on this case to determine if Playmates is in compliance. The Department of Children and Families has also been contacted.

This video is PRICELESS, and boy is that woman SWEATY!

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