Monday, August 17, 2009

White Chicks 2

You read that correctly. The Hollywood Reporter informs us that the Wayans Brothers are currently working on a sequel to one of our favorite (and one of the stupidest) movies, White Chicks. There's no word on a potential plot or anything else relating to what the movie will be about, but you can bet we will watch it. Some of our favorite quotes can be attributed to this work of art....

"A klept-ho-maniac!"

Tori: I am so glad I got waxed today.
Karen: Ugh, me too. What did you get?
Tori: The Bald Eagle.
Karen: I got the Bermuda Triangle.
Lisa: The Landing Strip.
Marcus Copeland: [as Tiffany Wilson] I got the Buckwheat.

"I'm gonna have a BF!" (Bitch Fit)

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