Monday, October 05, 2009

Accidental Dong - J'ville Edition

Last week we told you guys about the hilarious website Accidental Dong and we've had some pretty overwhelming response to the post. We've even received a couple of Accidental Dong submissions from peeps here on the first coast. First up is a disbanded rubber band from Mark who claims he was unwrapping a stack of mail when the band snapped creating the illusion of a dong.

Next we have a submission from Jacksonville residents Joe(y) and Julio who were vacationing in San Francisco last week, during the Folsom Street Fair, where they spotted a frozen ice swan that had melted into the shape of a dong, or so says Joe(y). We're going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Finally, Steve from Kickbacks sent over the picture below of a very naughty looking horse radish. His e-mail was titled "Hung like a horse (radish)", chuckle....

If you guys happen to spot any accidental dongs along your travels through Jacksonville, send em on!!! We love the accidental dong!

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