Monday, October 12, 2009

Corrine Delivers - Hell No!

Corrine Brown just did a mass mailing to all of us Jacksonvillians this week petitioning for a chance to run in the Senatorial race later this year to occupy the seat that former Senator Mel Martinez recently vacated. We sat and pondered on the virtual outcomes of this event and here's a sure fire way to get this retard out of politics ASAP. Kind of like a "backdoor" move on Survivor or Big Brother this could be a national "alliance" of sorts to wean these lifetime "retired on the job" bureaucrats out of office. Starting with the most ignorant of them all, Ms. Brown.

So, here's the deal....lets all sign the petition(s) and get her stupid ass on the ballot. When she runs for this Senate seat she will be forced to vacate her current house position, thereby leaving that space available. We feel compelled to say that there's NO WAY Ms. Brown can win the Senate seat (you know we are probably going to have to eat these words with a big ol pile of steam from the dog of doom) which would leave her in mere citizenship limbo.

To recap....Corrine Brown is a TOTAL DUMB ASS and is willing to give up her current District 3 seat for a Senate nomination which leaves her current position (and she can't go back) vacant, thereby relinquishing her from civil service.


Anonymous said...

"Wean" is the correct spelling.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree she is a moron, and embarassing, BUT, you would be amazed at the amount of money she brings back to jacksonville from washington - its insane. Her losing the senate seat, which she would, would be good for our rep, but bad for our economy