Wednesday, October 07, 2009


It's time for an Engrish round-up. We've been aggregating submissions for about a week now, so here we go....

Jason and Mark were tooling around Atlanta a couple of weeks ago when they spotted this sign for "Crab Langoon" at a China Buffet. Pronounced "Rangoon" by the Asians, it's still spelled wrong.

Joe(y) eyed an error on the draft beer list at European Street in San Marco. "Mony Python".

Faithful reader and multiple Engrish submitter Erminda e-mailed us this gem from a posting on Craigslist. Quite the "Montley Crew". DOUBLE WHAMMY!

The Healthy Bagel Company in Lakewood (1500 University Boulevard) has posted a "No Cash on Premisses" sign to deter robberies, but it didn't deter Linda from spotting the misspelling.

Our final submission is also from Joe(y). Found on the streets of San Francisco, a street performing trumpeter touts his ability to "Perform With a High Degree of Accuacy". Maybe, but he sure can't spell with a high degree of accuracy.


Anonymous said...

This site gets more boring with each passing day. Do you guys spend all your passing time looking for spelling errors? WHO cares?

Anonymous said...

I find the occasional genuine 'engrish' examples somewhat amusing - in common parlance the term can only be applied to non-standard usage of English often found in East Asian countries, poorly translated menus, street signs, and the like.

The simple misspellings of words by citizens that are either too ignorant or unprofessional to write properly in THEIR OWN LANGUAGE is more sad and discouraging than anything else. Having worked as a proofreader in Europe, I can say that most other countries take a great deal of pride in the dignity of their language, and businesses generally take the extra time to correct spelling or grammatical errors BEFORE it goes to print.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Reading this blog is the highlight of my day!