Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Urban Outfitters has just released LSTN#7 in its series of sample discs. You get 25 FREE songs including music by Le Loup, Washed Out, Princeton, Apache Beat, and many others. If you want to check out previous FREE downloads from Urban Outfitters we have the links below.








lameasshit said...

what ass would ever download an UrbanOutfitters compilation? Holler if you are 14 and just discovered that you can ride your bike anywhere in 5 points and park in front of Steamworks to watch 18 year old girls passing it out to 30 year old dudes. fuck this blog

Stefani Tanner said...

"How Rude!"

Anonymous said...

WTF do you read it for? What an effin wanker.

luvsmyiphone said...

yeah, why would anyone read a blog they didn't approve of! I personally like to read this blog because I agree with the hate of homeless people the contributors at Confidential have. Thanks for providing a platform for us white kids to hate on mentally ill homeless peeps crowding the downtown homeless spots. <3 u jaxconfidential

Norm Stovall said...

I don't think Urban Outfitters needs my support. They've ripped off graphics from more than a couple of people I know, refused to pay royalties, and in general are a terrible company. But that's just my opinion.