Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Call The Ambalamps - The Interview

Thomas Bruso AKA Tom Slick is a super badass and we give this spry 67 year young man kudos for standing his ground earlier this month on a bus in A.C. Check out the interview (below) from just two days after the beat down.

Thanks Sandra


Anonymous said...

He is inspiring...especially since there are so many people who turn their cheek, practice avoidance, and at his age act "like they're old" I hope I have as much vitality as him when/if I reach his age!

Epicurean Jax said...

Er...I don't know about inspiring. He did kick that kid's @ss and it was fun to watch. I would not say he was a hero and I'm not sure how much he says in the later interview that's actually true.