Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chicken Wings - Soaring

We absolutely LOVE chicken wings, all of us (the JC staff), and we were just reading a very alarming article in USA Today about their increasing cost. Apparently restaurants are having to raise their prices and some have even closed due to the rise….

”The skyrocketing cost of chicken wings is causing restaurant and tavern owners to raise menu prices and threatening to put some out of business…..the primary factor driving up wing prices is the growing number of restaurants, including many national chains, that are adding wings to their offerings…..according to the Agriculture Department, the average wholesale price of wings in 2009 was $1.47 a pound, up 39% from 2008 and the highest it has been, adjusted for inflation, since the mid-1970s.”

Jason and Mark spent this past weekend up in Atlanta and they said they had wings every night from Taco Mac (the best wings EVER!!! Trust us). Hopefully we won’t have to quell our chicken wing urges too much due to a jump in prices.

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