Friday, April 30, 2010


Tonight and tomorrow night (April 30th and May 1st) at 8PM Florida State College at the Kent Campus Auditorium (3939 Roosevelt Blvd.) will be host to the original play, ”Handmaid”, by musician and playwright Jennifer Chase.

“Family, money, politics and love all have their roles in distracting an artist from his/her work,” claims Jennifer . In the play, art imitates life, as found in the work of Diego Velazquez, considered by many to be Spain’s greatest baroque artist. In the drama, Cuban immigrant and fledgling artist Rodriguez DeSilva has twenty-four hours remaining to fulfill the requirements of a commission he's received to paint a replica of the famous Velazquez painting, "Las Meninas." Pressures from his family and his ambitious girlfriend, Margaret, distract him from his commission and he sidetracks himself with drink, billiards and painting--everything but the commissioned work, which if ever done, is to hang in the welcome center of a park named in honor of his deceased father. Through DeSilva’s heightened fantasies and dreams he learns of some of the realities behind Velazquez’ life, struggles and work. Secrets are revealed.

We hear that the show is pretty great and for a mere $10 you can check it out and also see one of our good friends Devoy Johnson act, sing, and play guitar. Break a leg Devoy.

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Humanist said...

Six of us went last night - it was a great time and I'm so glad to see this new theater group starting up in our neighborhood. The performances were a little uneven but the staging was excellent and the costumes were impressive. Looking forward to seeing more!