Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Jacksons Grill - Lunch

Jacksonville Confidential staff members Joe(y) and Julio stopped in to Jacksons Grill at 1522 King Street for lunch today and they reported back good things. Great service, a wonderful atmosphere, and a total bill of around $18 for two meals and drinks. Joe(y) had the “Snow Bird” sandwich – grilled chicken breast, avocado, cheese, field greens, and “Jacksons sauce”. He said it was bigger and better than expected (whoa, that mutha is practically falling off the plate). Julio had the “Naked Burger” – as it sounds, a plain ole hamburger. He said it could have been seasoned a bit more but Joe(y) interjected with a, ”hey! It’s a NAKED burger”, point well taken.  Here are a few pictures from todays lunch.


Bryan said...

We had an office lunch at Jackson's on Monday. I ordered the cheeseburger and it was delicious as were the perfectly seasoned fries. It should be noted that their genius chef serves the burgers on pretzel buns, very tasty.

My only "beef" (zing) is that the burger was so juicy it kind of made it rain all over my plate, oh well.

Fantastic venue and addition to the neighborhood. It would be a great place to pop in a have a Bold City brew or two as the weather starts warming up.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that they had planned on opening a bar with live music next door. I drove past on Saturday night and there wasn't a soul. Is it only open for lunch?

Dale said...

That burger looks WAAAAY too well done for my taste.
Are they cooked to order, or are they only served well done?
And since its a Jacksonville restaurant, I hafta ask:
Do they serve a camel rider sandwich?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say Jacksonson's has closed. It was a warm friendly place with great food and reasonable prices. I'll miss the food and the chef's talent.