Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Karaoke Rob's American Idol Contest - TOP 3

There are only two weeks left and 3 contestants remain in Karaoke Rob’s American Idol Contest at Metro. Last week Jermaine dropped out and Russ was voted off by the audience leaving Adam, Bernard, and Nolan to duke it out for the $1,000 first prize. Come out to the club tonight (4/20) around 10:30 to cheer on your favorite singer in the semi-final and you won’t want to miss next week when the winner is crowned.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Adam! Great performer!!

Anonymous said...

One week to go and it is getting quite interesting. Amazing how the straight people only show up when there is money involved ( although it is questionable whether Adam is really straight! ) I wonder how many we will see support the club after the contest is over. Nolan is definately the best singer in the contest. Bring on your little fan club Adam, in the end you will still discover that it takes talent, not a lot of friends, to win one of Roberts contests.
Hope all three contestants put on a good show in the finals as it will surely be a packed house!!

Eva said...

The contest was great! Congratulations to all three contestants. Nolan, Bernard, and Adam did well with their performances, and the show overall was very entertaining and enjoyable. Special congrats to Nolan: you are no longer the Susan Lucci of Metro Idol! :)