Thursday, August 04, 2011

Rocky Horror Picture Show at the 5 Points Theatre

Let’s do the time warp again and again…The 5 Points Theatre will be showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show this Friday and Saturday nights, August 5th and 6th, at Midnight (11:55PM to be exact). If you want to participate you should go ahead and get your tickets now by Clicking Here. Be forewarned, this event always sells out, don’t be left out on the curb in 5 Points. Attendees are encouraged to bring the usual props, please no liquids. (per Jack at the theater). It’s sure to be a great time.


Amber said...

Did you guys go to this?? Never gets old!!

Anonymous said...

Totally loved it! Went last night and had a blast. I remembered going to this when I was a teen and my parents - who I subseqently disowned - having a heart attack. I bet prissy Miss Donna would too. But I don't bother with that family anymore. Way too ignorant southern Baptist.

Anonymous said...

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