Friday, February 04, 2011

Caribbean House - Now Open

It's confirmed and we have the menu, Caribbean House Restaurant is now open at 2782 Park Street. As the name implies, they serve an array of Caribbean delicacies like ox tail, fried yuca, and jerk chicken. Take a look at the menu below, they even serve breakfast. Sorry for the crappy quality, we didn't have a scanner handy.


Anonymous said...

Why are they closed on Saturdays ???!
Did you guys eat it any good ??!!

The Editor said...

The hours are a bit odd. None of us have eaten there but a couple of regulars at European Street on Park Street said they popped in on Wednesday and had the ox tails and some other stuff and they said it was very good and affordable.

JaxFoodieFreak said...

I'll be reviewing this place soon at; food was decent (oxtails were good, fish so-so) and they have MANY kinks to work out (half their menu was not available first week they were open, and we had to chase down our waiter just to take our order). I'd wait a few more weeks before checking them out so they can properly train their staff, straighten our the supplies, kitchen, etc.

Anonymous said...

My office went there last Friday -- the food was AMAZING but everything else was a mess!! They didn't have about half of the menu - and took an over an hour to get our food. The owner did come out and apologized and was very gracious.

The food was delicious but I'll probably wait a while until they get it together to go back. Hopefully they'll still be in business.