Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mojo No. 4 Urban BBQ and Whisky Bar

Jason, Robyn and David checked out the brand new Mojo No.4 Urban BBQ and Whisky Bar last night in Avondale and had a fantastic time. The space has been totally renovated and includes a very large FULL bar along with some very nice outdoor seating. They noshed on some ribs, a pulled pork sandwich, and barbecue shrimp. It was all very delicious and extremely affordable. We’ll be back…often. Here are a few pics from the excursion.


Anonymous said...

Went there, it sucked balls. The food is alright but Mojo was already a fairly bad deal for bbq and now you got this place that charges more money for less food than the lakewood Mojo. Mojo was pretty good back when they first opened but with each expansion they've gotten worse. $30+ for the "whole hog" plate? Uh... no.

Anonymous said...

If i was that uninformed, id be anonymous as well. All of the prices and portions at all the mojos are the same. They might be a little higher, but you get what you pay for, also id check your price list buddy. just because noone is pulling your pork for you doesn't mean you should take it out on the best bbq joints in town......7 years running.

The Editor said...

Total concurrence. Mojos is awesome and very reasonably priced.