Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Deadbeats Short Film Premier

The Deadbeats is a new short film by Jacksonville University alumni Ross Howard and filmmaker Jeremy Tidwell, it will be premiering this Friday, May 13th, at 9pm at the 5 Points Theatre. Immediately following the film the bands Ghost Horse and After the Bomb Baby will be having a special performance. Tickets are $6.50 and can be purchased online at the theatre website.

Directed by Ross Howard and written by Jeremy Tidwell, Ross Howard, and David Howard, The Deadbeats was shot entirely in Jacksonville, FL with the main location being the 5 Points Theatre; where the story of the film itself takes place. The film focuses on brother and sister Silas and Liz Carpenter, along with their two friends Dean and Analog who form the foursome in "The Deadbeats", an original, adventure thriller. Based off the friendship itself, which inspired the film and those who wrote and collaborated this work, "The Deadbeats" friendship is what keeps them going strong through their journey to save the family's theater. In a last ditch effort to save the theatre, the group obtains a cult horror film that has not been seen since the night it first premiered and is rumored to be cursed. Little do the friends know that monsters themselves are soon to come alive when they go to preview the cursed film.

The concept for the film came from movies like The Goonies, The Monster Squad, and Night of the Creeps, and admiration of their upbeat, uncanny, and, courageous journeys. This short film, with a running time of twenty minutes in length, is being used to showcase the movie’s concept for a feature film (to be shot entirely in Jacksonville) to potential investors. The producers are currently looking to secure the financing for a feature length version of the film.

To view the trailer and to help support the continuation of the film The Deadbeats CLICK HERE, additional information can be found on FaceBook and Twitter. Support local arts and artists.

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