Friday, October 12, 2007

Holmes Stamp & Sign

We gave some props the other day to Holmes Stamp & Sign and we received a very gracious thank you from the owner Bryan Croft. See below...

"Thanks for the props! As the owner of Holmes Stamp, we have had a great relationship with the guys and girls over at E Street!Not to mention they have great food and beer! :)If you notice, just this week we put a For Lease sign up on the building, our company is going through some great growth, with the power of the Internet, we now ship orders all over the world! With that being said we have been in San Marco for over 50 years, we will soon be moving to a bigger building. ( not too far away ) Thanks again for the props that I ran across this Friday morning! Like I said, we have been here 50+ years and you are the first person I can remember ever thanking us for the use of my parking lot"

And we say...THANK YOU!

We can only hope that the new occupants of the building will be as thoughtful.

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