Friday, September 05, 2008

More on Jax E Bikes

We've received a plethora of additional information from Dylan Phillips over at Jax E Bikes and we are just gonna copy and paste it.

Jacksonville Confidential you folks are amazing! We just purchased the sign about 20 minutes before you took our picture, you'll notice it's only leaning in the window.

Our official opening is September 23rd, and we will have a Grand Opening in October.

We are passionate about changing transportation and are very excited to be highlighted by your blog!

I have a few comments on the disadvantages / advantages list, but overall they are very fair.

*The annual cost of an electric bicycle has become significantly cheaper than gas powered scooters. We were waiting for this inflection to occur, before we entered the market. At $3.50 gas, riding an EBike for an hour each weekday can take you 5200 miles in a year for $20 in electricity. Accounting for insurance, driving a 50cc scooter that distance will cost $482 and generate 4x as much CO2. Driving a passenger car will cost $910.00, in gas alone, and generate 20x more green house gases. Thus, fuel costs for an electric bicycle are now 12% of a gasoline scooter and 2% of a gasoline car.

*Up front costs also favor an electric bicycle over a quality gasoline powered scooter. Each of our bicycles comes with a 2 year warranty (versus a 1 year warranty for quality scooters like Yamaha, Honda and Vespa). But most importantly, only electric bicycles can commute from Riverside to downtown via the Riverwalk.

*The unassisted range of electric bicycles has improved dramatically with the conversion to lithium batteries. All of our bicycles go 15 miles unassisted, and most of our models can go up to 30 miles unassisted.

*Lithium batteries significantly reduce the weight of our vehicles, substantially increasing the speed. Although you are correct that we do not go as fast as a gasoline scooter. Most of our bikes go 20 MPH unassisted.

*Battery capacity in cold weather is not really a factor here in Jacksonville. If it gets to -20C, no one will be worried about EBikes because hell will have frozen over too. ;) In addition, only our base models use Lead Acid Batteries all our other model use Lithium.

*As for being noticed, safety must always be a primary concern when you are commuting on the road with vehicles. Especially as drivers are too busy wolfing down a Chick-Fil-A Biscuit and chatting on the phone, to notice there are other vehicles on the road. To this end, all of our vehicles are sold with light kits and mirrors.

We started Jacksonville EBikes, because we feel small individual changes can have a dramatic impact on the world. Sometimes, we feel powerless against the dark shadows projected by the evening news: global warming, foreign oil, Iraq and the economy. If people will give us an hour each weekday for one year, we will reveal those shadows to be tiny hands in front of a flash light.

*An hour each weekday - Takes you 5200 miles on $20 in electricity.
*An hour each weekday - Reduces our Oil Consumption by 7% and our dependence on Foreign Oil by 10%.
*An hour each weekday - Reduces our Carbon Emissions by over 10%.
*An hour each weekday - Keeps $71 Billion Dollars Annually in the domestic economy. That's $204 per person, 1/3 of the 2008 tax incentives...annually!

Please come buy our store, Tuesday - Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM, drop us a line at or call us a 904.619.8496. Thank you for the opportunity to share our story with the city, and people we hold so dear! Now get out an change the world by smiling at strangers!

Dylan Phillips
Jax EBikes

Thanks a ton for the kudos Dylan and we hope our readers will stop in to check things out. We will be by soon to get some more photos and chat it up!

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