Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boycott Buju Banton

We have some very disturbing news to share with you. Buju Banton, the anti-gay Jamaican dance hall, ragga, and reggae singer, whose song "Boom Bye Bye" advocates killing gay men with submachine guns and by pouring acid on them, is coming to four Florida cities. We've included information on dates, times, venue locations and contact information for the promoters of his Rasta Got Soul Tour. Please contact them and express your outrage that they are promoting this hateful tour. We invite you to join the groups leading the movement to "Cancel Buju Banton Rasta Got Soul Tour 2009. Wetpaint" and on Facebook (Click the Links) to be kept in the loop on any actions planned for Florida and/or other States. With time being crucial, our best course of action at this time, is to contact and pressure promoters to cancel Florida's venues.

According to the Minnesota Independent, "In 2004, Buju Banton was investigated over the beatings of six gay men in Jamaica’s capital city of Kingston; he was acquitted in 2006 for lack of evidence. Human rights activists pointed out at the time that Jamaican authorities tend not to handle such cases aggressively".

There's some good news, after pressure by GLBT and anti-hate groups, they succeeded in getting promoters to cancel Buju Banton venues in Salt Lake City, Columbus Ohio and Minneapolis. Add to this, promoters AEG and Live Nation canceled six of his shows due to outrage from LGBT groups in Chicago and Los Angeles. Richmond, Virginia achieved a victory by getting the Buju Banton moved, which was scheduled to take place on the very same day as the 25th Anniversary of the Virginia Pride Festival. While the show hasn't yet been canceled, where the show has been moved to has not been announced.

Let us work together to add Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami and Orlando to this list. Below is the list of Florida venue info, you'll find a link to a video of Buju performing his song "Boom Bye Bye." (above). It's difficult to understand him, except when he clearly says "There is no end to the war between me and faggots!", so included is the English translation and explanation of the lyrics.

Jacksonville, FL

Show Date: October 29, 2009

Show Time: 8:00 PM

Cost: $30

Venue Location: Plush 845 University Blvd N
Jacksonville, FL 32211-9224
Website: (To Send Message: Click "Contact Us" for Online Message Form)

Tom Fisher, Marketing Director (904) 743-1845

Tampa, FL

Buju Banton & Wayne Wonder
Show Date:Friday, October 30, 2009

Show Time: 8:00 PM

Venue Location: The Ritz, Ybor City
(813) 247-2555

Miami, FL

Raggae Bash 2009

Performing: Buju Banton, Beenie Man & Wayne Wonder!
Show Date: Saturday, October 31, 2009
Show Time: 7:00 PM
Venue Location: James L. Knight Center

Lorenzo Muniz, General Manager
(305) 416-5974

Orlando, FL


Show Date: November 1, 2009

Show Time: 7:30 p.m

Venue Location: Hard Rock Live, Universal CityWalk

Cost: $35-$45 advance, $42-$55 day of show

Hamish Dodds, President and Chief
Executive Officer

Special Events
(non-food/beverage, music related)
Phone: 407-351-7625 x3022

Universal Orlando Guest Services
Main Number: 407-224-4233

We can't allow such attacks to happen without our (GLBT) voices being heard as well. Take to action!!!

Submitted by Joe(y)


Humanist said...

Will there be a GOP tie-in or are they too busy with their anti-black agenda ("You Lie, Boy!") to stay true to their anti-gay agenda? After all, they don't want to spread themselves too thin...

Anonymous said...

humanist these ni****s are as liberal as you are

Norm Stovall said...

Wow. I used to have an older Buju Banton album that I used to like a lot. I had no idea that he was such a fucked up individual-Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Anonymous said...

Disturbing truly. But is it really any different than what is preached to people in most churches in the area every Sunday?

If you want to stand against bigotry and hate then you should be consistent. Not just choose the easy battles. The reality is those who protest loudest and most fervently are often the most guilty. Mark Foley anyone?


Humanist said...

Actually for any well-informed (literate) person, it comes as no surprise that a Jamaican performer is spreading hatred against gays in this manner. There has been a boycott against travel to Jamaica for a very long time now for this reason.

Unfortunately there is no shortage of targets to fuel the fires of hatred and bigotry - whether is based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or political views.

The simple fact of the matter is that the ignorant (in the objective, not pejorative sense) are easily manipulated. To the point made by 'Skeptic', you're absolutely right - there is no difference between this form of hatred or that which is propagated by FoxNews, the GOP, the Taliban, al-Queda, or our own lovely god-fearing preachers in their Sunday sermons.

No difference at all.

Anonymous said...

Id be against the Taliban or al-Queda performing at Plush too.

Anonymous said...

sent a message to Plush (as we all should) and to news4jax....

Anonymous said...

Finally, you guys have posted something relevant.

Jah bless all who stay true said...

1st amendment = freedom of speech/press/religion/organization

it is unlawful and quite frankly bullshit that half of this tour got canceled. i think that buju banton has a right to his own spirtitual and religious opinion. i do not understand why gay commities have the power and authority to shut down multiple shows of an artist. i believe that buju should file a lawsuit for all the problems they have caused in his tour and his finicial loss. i am not saying that i agree with shooting gays or anything like that, i don't believe in downpressing people at all, i say let only Jah judge. however, i do not support or agree with being homosexual at all. I AM NOT A HOMOPHOBE BUT HOMOSEXUALITY IS COMPLETELY UNNATURAL AND IN MY OPINION A DISGRACE TO THE HUMAN RACE. IF OUR MOTHERS AND FATHERS WERE HOMOSEXUAL, WE WOULD NOT BE BREATHING THE AIR WE BREATH TODAY. but if you are a homosexual and honestly truly feel happy and like you are doing the right thing being with the same sex,i give respect and Jah bless, however it seems to me that you are not fullfilling the duty to reproduce and continue on the human race, (which is the actual meaning and purpose for sex) sex should never be used for what you enjoy more or what feels best, its purpose is reproduction and advancement of the human race. this controversy upsets me, i do not promote violence or any type of negative things be put on gays or anybody of any color religion. i base my judgment upon what Jah tells me is right or wrong. I believe that Buju has a right to his own opinion, for i know he look to Jah for what be right and wrong. That is my personal opinion. .

PS the song "boom bye bye" was written and produced in 1988 (over 20 years ago) and is no different than all the songs promoting "fuck the police" that quite frankly are never canceled or boycotted

Anonymous said...

whats unnatural is your fear of homosexuals, and yes you are a homophobe, YOU should not be allowed to breed. Here's some caps for you...MORON!

Anonymous said...

If it were the KKK having a rally at Plush im sure youd feel differently. That's freedom of speech too though, right? According to your post, thats what you state.

Anonymous said...

Jah tells me to have a KKK rally.

Humanist said...

Please remember that Freedom of Speech, as enshrined in the first ten amendments of our Constitution, is not an absolute right. Citizens are NOT free to incite violence or murder - and this principle has been upheld repeatedly in the courts.

Also please note, despite your paranoid rantings, that gay groups and human rights organizations do NOT have any legal authority to shut down any musician or religious group from airing their hateful bigoted views. The only legal right that any gay group or human rights group has is to petition the courts to enforce the existing law, or to lobby for stronger laws protecting the freedom of citizens.

On a final note, let me say that using 'freedom of religion' to justify hatred and intolerance is not an accepted moral justification. If you hate gays and lesbians, despise women who have learned to read, shudder with fear and loathing when a black man is elected President, that is your legal right -- but please don't insult the millions of loving Christians out there who do not share your views.

Anonymous said...

jamaican me crazy mon!

Anonymous said...

While I may be a part of the GOP party and not supportive of the gay choice, I cannot abide hate in any form and will gladly petition the promoters of this tour to not have it in my town.

I do firmly believe this is different that what is preached in church on Sundays. God commands us to love all of our fellow men. That would include those who are making choices that we disagree with. I would and do also boycott groups promoting hate towards police and any other group. Violence is not the answer and is only acceptable in defense of self, family and country.

Anonymous in Fl

Anonymous said...

Hahaha how pathetic. I will be going to see Buju in Jacksonville. I went to Marleyfest and saw him in Miami. Buju is an okay dude. And he has since abandoned his gay hating I suppose. Grow up and don't boycott a musician. You people sound like aussies trying to ban Snoop. Piss off.

Anonymous said...

First of all, its has been years since that song was out, and since then so much has changed in both worlds, let da man do his ting an you do yours, whay you have to try to boycot the concert, it will only promote it more, look at the ticket sales, its way up , he doing his thing so you do yours.
there is a song, leave people business alone and mine your own...
those of you who are got your paties tied up in yur ass, buju doin his thing u should tooo.

its not an easy road, many see da glamour n glitter n think its a bed of rose, who feels its knows, ...

how much time you gon try to punish one man for the same crime, get a life

Anonymous said...



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