Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We've received quite a few Engrish submissions throughout last week and decided to just aggregate them all into one big post. Of course, none of them beat our winner of "Most Engrish in a Restaurant Menu 2009" from Al Hilm - The Dream Cafe and Hookah Lounge, but good none-the-less.

First we have a couple of selections sent by our News Room Chief Mark. Johnsons Family Flea Market is having a "Chrstmas in July" sale in September (double whammy), and the Riverside Avondale Preservation Society printed up some Neighborhood Watch "No Tresspassing" signs for last weeks meeting.

Then, sometime staff member, Tom sent over the picture below from The Terrace at Fleming Island Plantation Retirement Home. His grandmother is a resident and often has the pleasure of dining with her companions in the "Dinning Room" there. Of course "dinning" is a word, but we're assuming that this is not what's going on in that room -

din |din|
noun [in sing. ]
a loud, unpleasant, and prolonged noise : the fans made an awful din.
verb ( dinned , dinning )
1 [ trans. ] ( be dinned into) (of a fact) be instilled in (someone) by constant repetition : the doctrine that has been dinned into all our heads.
2 [ intrans. ] make a loud, unpleasant, and prolonged noise : the sound dinning in my ears was the telephone ringing.
ORIGIN Old English dyne, dynn (noun), dynian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Old High German tuni (noun) and Old Norse dynr (noun), dynja ‘come rumbling down.’

Finally we have a picture from Jacksonville Confidential reader Kane who was vacationing in Mt. Carmel, Illinois and spotted this very crude "Pakring" sign at the local VFW.

Thanks guys and keep reading and submitting.

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Banjo said...

haha, the Engrish post has a typo, Fleming Island only has one m in it.