Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Last night during our weekly "Jacksonville Confidential Monday Night Dinner", hosted by our News Room Chief Mark and catered by staff member Becky, we spotted an antique Patti Playpal doll being "choked out" on A&E's newest addicting show Hoarders by one of the hoard "interventionists". Hoarder Tara was appalled. Here's a little history on Patti Playpal -

""Patti Playpal" was made by the Ideal Toy Corporation from 1959 through approximately 1962. She is very large (approximately 35 inches high). Other companies made similar sized dolls during the same time period, but Patti Playpal was the most popular and of the best quality. These types of dolls are often referred to as "companion dolls" as they were meant to be approximately the same size as a three year old child and act as a playmate. Many of these dolls were also "walkers" in that if you held their hands and slightly tilted them side to side, their legs would move and actually "walk" with you."
Thanks for the awesome spaghetti and meatball feast Becky. To all of you who are wondering what happened to Patti Playpal, she lived to see another day. We are always big proponents of a happy ending.

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Anonymous said...

Patti Playpal ended up on ebay to pay for that cleaning crew to clean and fumigate the house ;-)