Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lethal Weapon Re-boot

We’re too old for this shit. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Brothers is planning yet another reboot of a classic…Lethal Weapon.

”What was considered an “event” movie in the late 1980s seems almost quaint in 2011 (no matter how awesome the first two movies are). The concept is essentially a police procedural featuring a mismatched pair of detectives. The chemistry between Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, coupled with Richard Donner’s direction and a sharp script from a young Shane Black, turned this into a franchise. But one wrong move and it could have been Tango and Cash or Cop-Out. The studio would need to make a risky bet on casting -- Jeremy Renner in the Gibson role? -- and recruit a hot action director to make this feel fresh. And even though the temptation might be to go big-budget (Warner likes to go big), perhaps a smaller, grittier Weapon might re-establish its credibility.”

We call it blasphemy. Have all original movie ideas been used up?

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