Thursday, January 20, 2011

RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 3

Listen up Queens! RuPaul is back with another glorious season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Logo’s biggest, glitziest, campiest reality competition show premiers this coming Monday, January 24th at 10PM. There’s a brand-new cast of sassy queens, all vying for the coveted title of America's Next Drag Superstar. So start your engines because this season the camp is campier, the drag is drag-ier, and the drama is WAY MORE DRAMATIC. The standards are stiletto HIGH, ladies! Get ready to ”Lip Sync for your Life!”. If you can’t wait until Monday to get your drag on click on over to The Dragulator and give yourself an online make-over.


Secular Humanist said...

Aside from chubby suburban secretaries and GOP operatives, does anyone really think that drag is remotely interesting or relevant? I suppose if microwaved spinach & artichoke dip is your idea of the BEST APPETIZER EVER, then the spectacle of pathetic, mincing caricatures debasing themselves and mouthing retreaded, sarcastic puerile put-downs must be JUST HILARIOUS!

Lola said...

Tell us, what your idea of the "best appetizer ever" is, then enthusiastic internet commentator; Secular Humanist. You call it a spectacle because it's unusual and they take pride in their art form? Shame to those that ridicule what which they do not comprehend. Assuming everyone to be close-minded is just hilarious,, and exudes poor judgement. Relevance? What is relevance have to do anything on T.V, both past and present? Relevance is subject to opinion, which is why your post is completely irrelevant. Funny how you fall under a pathetic line of chubby cyber trolls that leave "irrelevant" comments just to say they don't like it yourself. Get a hobby.

Secular Humanist said...

Well Lola, sorry to break it to you but the modern world has left the idea of dressing up in ladies clothing in the dustbin of history, along with minstrel shows and other demeaning forms of 'entertainment'.

It will take a while for backwater places like Jacksonville to catch up obviously, but the changes are already underway.

There is a new generation of out, proud, and self-aware gays and lesbians that don't really see the need to play dress up, as we are quite comfortable with our sexual identity and simply want equal treatment under the law.

I suppose there will always be a place for these debased creatures, perhaps under a bridge selling their services to 'confused' frat boys or doing tired performances up on a stage in some third-world outpost. But the rest of us have moved on - we're asking our boyfriends to the senior prom, we're demanding domestic partnership benefits from our employers, and we're fighting a bitter struggle to achieve marriage equality. We don't spend a lot (or any) time skulking around in bars mimicking pop singers.

Those who would seek to keep us marginalized, on the fringes of society, deprived of legal rights and recognition are THRILLED about the concept of drag and all that it entails.