Monday, January 17, 2011

"Save me a"...Racist Ad?

The Jax Bargain Plywood commercial featuring gospel singer Ruth Taylor has gone viral. The advertisement has been seen on Comedy Centrals Tosh.O as well as various news outlets. News 4 Jax ran a story this past Friday night asking if the ad was racist, stating that "Bloggers claim the jingle contains the "N" word." (Gosh, who could that be?) According to the article, the discount plywood provider is standing by their commercial and Ruth's interpretive song version of the word "Nickel", they also state that they will not be pulling the ad from our airwaves. Yay! We love the commercial and hope it entertains us for many, many years to come.

"Save me a nickel. Save me a dime. Jax Bargain Plywood can do it every time."

Great, now that damn song is stuck in your head...right?


Anonymous said...

maybe that nickel will win a make over!

Anonymous said...

forget this store and home despot and Lowes..go to some real people on Main Street in Springfield and the Northside border.

Anonymous said...

omfg save her a nickel right now!

Anonymous said...

Nickel please!