Monday, February 28, 2011

Accidental Dong

The Accidental Intentional Dong below is actually no accident at all. The humongous pecker graffiti seen below is from a St. Petersburg bridge and was entered into an art competition, it was on the “shortlist” (it looks pretty long to us) but has since been dropped from the contest. Here’s the full story from Metro (UK) -

The graffiti was painted by opposition Russian art group Voina in June last year to protest against tight security in the city. Organisers of the prize for innovation, awarded by Russia’s State Centre of Contemporary Arts, had included the picture, which Voina called A Penis In KGB Captivity, on its shortlist. However, after failing to get Voina’s approval to include the picture, organisers decided to remove it. The painting, which pointed skywards when the bridge was raised, was eventually washed off by firefighters. It had originally faced the St Petersburg headquarters of Russia’s Federal Security Service. Voina has condemned the decision to withdraw the painting from the competition’s shortlist.

Activist Alexei Plutser-Sarno said at the weekend: ‘The repressive act of removing the Voina group from the award brings shame on the (organisers) and the Ministry of Culture.’ The group has been involved in a number of protests in recent months, including tipping over eight police cars in one night in St Petersburg  and staging an orgy in Moscow’s Biological Museum.”

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