Monday, February 28, 2011


Today’s Engrish is brought to you by the most-engrish-having-restaurant-in-jacksonville, Ardens Kafe & Katering in Murray Hill (1650-4 Hamilton Street), serving the best Kountry Kooking in town, including their famous fried ”Kat Fish”. The eatery has been a favorite of Westsiders for many years.

Photo by Mark


Anonymous said...

This seems a little more like INTENTIONAL Engrish in that They are Ardens Kafe & Katering...

The Editor said...


McBrick Marketing said...

Awesome. Sounds like my old roommate on a late Saturday night.

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paultard said...

Maybe "Kat Fish" is like "Krab" or "Creme."
The words sound familiar, but they are used to describe imitations of the real thing.
Is "Kat Fish" made from cats? fish?
Soylent Green?